Yahoo! needs to just go away. Here's why.

Hey guys, what a week. We had a pretty major hurricane hit the East Coast and luckily it wasn't a cat
Yahoo! needs to just go away. Here's why.
By Daveslist • Issue #18
Hey guys, what a week. We had a pretty major hurricane hit the East Coast and luckily it wasn’t a catastrophe. We’re nearing the end of hurricane season, and it can’t come soon enough.
Let’s get it on…

Please Harambe, don't hurt 'em.
Please Harambe, don't hurt 'em.
GM Has Built A Stealth Truck for the Army
Okay, this thing is straight badass. Back in my day we got around in clunky Humvees, and they were nothing like the luxurious civilian models built years later. This bad boy runs on a hydrogen fuel cell, makes its own water and electricity, and has a muted heat signature to get you in close without being detected. 

Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence
Yahoo continues its collapse. Just when you thought there couldn’t be anything worse than hiding the single largest data breach to date for two years, this news drops. I had really high hopes for Marissa Mayer, and she has been an utter disaster. Now she’s even being sued for purging male employees. It’s time for Yahoo to just go away.
Hawaii’s Newest Luxury Enclave Has Billionaires Eating Off Trees
There’s a new sector of the luxury market devoted to putting distance between billionaires and the unwashed masses (that’s us, for those keeping score), and some of the vacation options catering to this sector are pretty doggone swanky. This little slice of paradise has a $100,000 cover charge just to get in the door.
Thiel-Funded Seasteading Institute Cutting Deal For First Floating Commune Off French Polynesia
The problem with a billionaire resort on Hawaii, though, is that Hawaii still has all those dirty poors. Silicon Valley billionaire and First amendment champion Peter Thiel has the solution. And it’s to start a whole new island nation populated by fellow billionaires and ruled by, well, Peter Thiel. Good luck with that, Pete.
Imagining a Cashless World
For some reason this week has been the week of imagining a post-cash world. First there was this excellent podcast by Freakonomics Radio (seriously, give it a listen), and now here’s an article in the New Yorker about a world without cash. As a money guy, I’m of course fascinated by thought exercises like these. As a libertarian, however, the idea of losing the freedom and anonymity of cash gives me the willies. 
An Incredible Thing Dogs Can Do With Their Noses
Dogs are pretty incredible, so I can’t say I’m surprised to learn this, but it turns out that dogs can tell time with their sense of smell. Explains why mine are never late for dinner.
Is a Mini Ice Age Coming? 'Maunder Minimum' Spurs Controversy
You might not have seen this in the news lately, but our sun is going through a bit of a rough patch. You see, it’s normally covered from top to bottom in “sun spots”. Now they’re gone. Like, all of them. The last time this happened we headed into an ice age where winter festivals were held on the River Thames - not in the river, but on the river - because it was frozen over. And then there’s the whole coronal mass ejection blowing up Minnesota thing.
The egg industry considered vegan Just Mayo a threat — and launched a secret campaign to destroy it
This is just a bizarre follow-up to a story from last week (the one about the vegan mayo). Evidently the powers that be in the egg and dairy world are so shaken up by the thought of technology replacing animal products that they even joked about taking a hit out on the CEO of Just Mayo.
Police complaints drop 93 percent after deploying body cameras
This is interesting and, well, pretty obvious. Cops are on their best behavior when they know they’re being recorded. You know who else is? Everyone around them. And the carryover effect is that cops are on their best behavior even when they’re not being recorded, once they’ve worn a body camera for a while. As a libertarian (I know, 2nd time in one week) I hate the idea of cameras everywhere, but that ship has sailed. With that in mind, I’d love to hear a cogent argument against hanging a body cam on every cop on the street, because it looks like the results speak for themselves.
Black Mirror | Official Trailer - Season 3
If you’re in the US, you’re probably unfamiliar with Black Mirror. It was a deeply unsettling and extremely well done British show about the very near future and the potential consequences of out infatuation with technology. Now it’s getting the Netflix treatment, and I can’t wait. If you ever loved the Twilight Zone, imagine that on steroids. And it’s only a couple weeks away.
That’s it for this week, y'all. Hit REPLY and let me know what you thought about this week’s links and, as always, feel free to share with anyone you think might enjoy them. I’ll see you next week.
Stay safe and have a great weekend!
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