We might be on the verge of amortality.

Happy Saturday, y'all! I'd like to extend a hearty Daveslist welcome to all the new subscribers. I ho
We might be on the verge of amortality.
By Daveslist • Issue #30
Happy Saturday, y'all! I’d like to extend a hearty Daveslist welcome to all the new subscribers. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!
I strive to keep Daveslist free of politics, because I figure we all get enough of that stuff elsewhere (I’m looking at you, Facebook swamp). That said, I’m making a couple of exceptions this week, and I’m doing that because I think the articles are strong enough and the issues important enough to warrant the space here on Daveslist. I hope you agree, and I welcome all viewpoints. I made them the first three articles so you can give them a pass if you don’t want to risk a challenge to your world view, but I hope you won’t.
Let’s get it on…

So meta. (Or is that metha?)
So meta. (Or is that metha?)
Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich
This is probably the must read of the week. My hat’s off to the New Yorker for doing such a good job on such an obscure subset of the population (mega-rich preppers, essentially). The whole time I was reading it, though, I couldn’t escape my dad’s voice in the back of my head reminding me, “If you have the ability to help, you have the responsibility to help.” 
So the fact that there’s an entire class of people with so much capacity to help prevent the very doomsday scenario they’re hoping to avoid, yet whose response to that scenario is to peace out to some far flung bunker with all their resources in tow, strikes me as weak sauce at best and downright parasitic at worst. Plus, having survived a couple war zones and the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I know that if the lid comes off these guys are screwed in ways they can’t possibly imagine.
Max Levchin has become an empathetic bright spot among tech’s super rich (Thank God someone has)
Sarah Lacy is on fire lately. For those unfamiliar with @Sarahcuda,  she’s the editor in chief of Pando Daily and one of the rare voices holding Silicon Valley to account for its many inequities. In this piece she profiles founding PayPal Mafia member Max Levchin.
If you’ve never heard of Max, that’s not unusual either. Unlike Elon Musk and Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman, Max keeps a pretty low profile. He’s also the only member of that particular Three Comma Club to come from crushing poverty (his first code was written on paper, where he’d imagine how a computer would execute it, and he dove dumpsters to retrieve the broken components he’d eventually assemble into his first computer). That background has informed his world view and set him apart from the type of guy the first article was written about.
What Is Net Neutrality? Who Is Ajit Pai? Technology Investors ‘Freaking Out’ Over New FCC Chair
I find it exhausting sometimes how often we have to fight the same battles over and over again. Net neutrality appears to be one of those. It boggles my mind that something which should be obvious to a 3-year old is somehow a matter of debate at the highest levels of government. Ajit Pai is a terrible choice for FCC chief (evidently it’s a trend), and it looks like the internet will have to go dark again to show these corporatist clowns who really runs things. Sad.
Gene-Editing Therapy Saves Lives Of Two Baby Girls With Leukemia
I had a meeting this week with a bleeding edge tech company in the personalized medicine space. At one point their chief data scientist said to me, “If you’re not up to speed on CRISPR you need to fix that right away.” We’re about to take a giant leap forward in medicine, and I’m hearing whispers among people I take seriously that the first person to live to 150 has already been born. Gene editing will be a big part of that.
The case for defeating death
There is a growing group of scientists who believe that death is not an inevitability, but merely a problem to be solved. And they’re not just trying to “solve” death, their approach to it is to reverse aging. Think about that for a minute: the thought of getting older and older but never dying isn’t all that appealing; but what if you could arrest aging and spend a couple hundred years at your peak physical condition? That’s another proposition entirely.
Resistance to the Antibiotic of Last Resort Is Silently Spreading
All of this medical progress is coming none too soon, as the bugs in our world are getting stronger. There are now strains of bacteria which are completely impervious to even the strongest antibiotics. And they’re spreading.
NASA to Explore an Asteroid Containing Enough Mineral Wealth to Collapse the World Economy
You can safely ignore the ominous tone of this particular headline and skip right to the part where we’re heading to an asteroid in 4 years with the potential to solve pretty much all of Earth’s mineral scarcities at once. Space is about to become big business.
How Space Could Trigger a Future Economic Crisis
Space isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, though. Or, rather, it is all sunshine and rainbows, but they’ll kill you. Space giveth and space taketh away. While we’re busy making billions mining an asteroid near Jupiter, the sun is fixing to open a can of whoop ass on our Earthly power grid. What a time to be alive.
When will self-driving cars be everywhere?
If we have to rely on the vehicle ownership model for the spread of autonomous cars, it’s going to take a long time before they’re all over the place. If the ridesharing companies go full autonomous, however, then we’re probably looking at the end of vehicle ownership inside ten years.
Alphabet’s Waymo Cuts Cost of Key Self-Driving Sensor by 90%
And Google just made autonomous cars a lot cheaper. They recently unveiled a fully autonomous Chrysler minivan built with sensors 90% cheaper than what was previously on the market.
That’s it for this week, y'all! I hope you enjoyed the links. Feel free to hit REPLY and let me know what you thought and, as always, feel free to share with anyone else you think may enjoy Daveslist.
Have a tremendous weekend, stay safe, and I’ll see you next Saturday.
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