This glimpse into the life of a master criminal will give you chills.

Wait, today isn't Friday! Sorry guys, absolutely crazy week. We've got some really cool stuff to make
This glimpse into the life of a master criminal will give you chills.
By Daveslist • Issue #17
Wait, today isn’t Friday! Sorry guys, absolutely crazy week. We’ve got some really cool stuff to make up for it.
Let’s get it on…

True story.
True story.
Meth, Murder, and the DEA's Mysterious Deal With the 'Most Dangerous Man in the World'
If you’re fascinated (as I am) with stories of true master criminals, then this one is for you. This psychotic genius smuggled drugs worldwide, armed for-profit militias to overthrow governments, and even wrote his own encryption software. Oh, and murdered probably hundreds of people. There’s that too.
SpaceX's Big Fucking Rocket
The big story this week is that we’re going to Mars, like, tomorrow. Seriously. Musk is sending his first unmanned mission to Mars in 2018, and it’s a supply ship. 
Huh? A supply ship?
That’s right. He’s going to land at least three of them on the red planet before the people get there in…wait for it…2025. That’s just eight years from now. 
This is the best breakdown of Musk’s plan you’re going to read anywhere, and I defy you to read it and not be fired up about going to Mars when you’re finished.
Your Guide To Generation Z: The Frugal, Brand-Wary, Determined Anti-Millennials
As a parent of Generation Z kids, I can vouch for a lot of this. My 13-year old came home the other day stressing about tuition at Harvard. When I was his age I was stressed about a neighborhood parent discovering our stash of Playboys. 
One thing I’ve learned about Generation Z that companies need to be worried about: they have zero patience for interruption marketing. Disrupting their content consumption with an advertisement is a sure fire way to ensure they’ll never buy your product. They’ve never known a world that wasn’t “on demand” and instantaneous.
A Commodore 64 has helped run an auto shop for 25 years
The Commodore 64 will always be my favorite computer. It wasn’t my first (I had a VIC-20 for a couple years before), but it’s the computer I’m most fond of in part because of its durability. The thing was built like a tank. And here is one that is still in service today, in an auto shop, regularly getting rained on. Suck on that, Apple.
A universal basic income could wind up hurting the poor and helping the rich
It’s rare that something as seemingly controversial as UBI (essentially welfare for everyone) manages to attract supporters on all sides of the political spectrum. It’s clear why those who favor wealth redistribution are in favor of UBI, by why are there equal numbers of supporters on the wealthy capitalist side of the equation? This is one possible answer.
What Homer Simpson's 100+ jobs tell us about America's middle class
I once wrote a lengthy economic paper for a French journal about mobility among the classes in America, and this amusing infographic bears out the data. In a nutshell, the rich and poor tend to remain so from generation to generation, with only the middle class experiencing mobility from lower middle to upper middle and back down. 
The UN Needs to Tell Everyone to Eat Less Meat
This is pretty serious. Earth crossed the 400ppm CO2 threshold this past week, widely regarded by scientists as the point of no return. Most people would lay the blame for that squarely on fossil fuels. Most people would be wrong.
The single largest producer of methane gas (even worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas) is Big Agra. I could go into all the numbers, but you’re probably better off just watching Cowspiracy. The US consumes on average 9 oz of animal protein per day, and the rest of the world is doing their dead level best to catch up to us. It’s the single largest man-made environmental threat facing our planet today.
How Hampton Creek Sold Silicon Valley on a Fake-Mayo Miracle
Any time a macro trend surfaces (like eating less meat to save the planet), greedy losers will emerge to take advantage of it. Here is one such example. The thing that gets me is how these guys react when they get caught. I mean, you can’t pretend you’re not caught. Unfortunately this is the sort of thing that makes investors wary of the next legitimate investment in the engineered meat space.
Lately I’ve been reading a lot about telomeres and their relationship to our natural aging cycle. We’re beginning to understand a lot more about longevity, and some long-held beliefs are being challenged at best or thrown out entirely at worst. This article goes into the reasons men age faster than women, and how poor lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking, etc) don’t correlate 1:1 with shortened lifespan. Some people are just screwed the day they’re born no matter what they do. 
Millionaire lottery couple divorce after wife leaves husband for married former Dreams mattress boss worth 100 times more
If you ever needed proof that money doesn’t solve all your problems, here it is. In yet another sad story of lottery wreckage, this couple won about $3 million and their lives fell apart as a result. I realize these lottery horror stories are an anomaly (think about it - hundreds of people win the lottery worldwide every week and don’t blow themselves up) but they sure do give you something to think about. 
108m concept yacht with private beach - Business Insider
What does a lottery win that doesn’t end in a flaming divorce look like? Well, maybe a 300’+ yacht with its own private beach. I thought I’d end this week on a positive note. This thing is incredible.
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Have a tremendous weekend.
Stay safe, and I’ll see you next Friday.
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