This chicken costs $9,000 a pound and tastes like...well...chicken.

Happy Saturday, y'all! On tap this week: how to become an international gold smuggler, how a man surv
This chicken costs $9,000 a pound and tastes like...well...chicken.
By Daveslist • Issue #37
Happy Saturday, y'all! 
On tap this week: how to become an international gold smuggler, how a man survived in the woods for 27 years with zero human contact, how Mark Cuban saved St. Patrick’s Day in Dallas, and more. 
Let’s get it on…

Well, when you put it like that....
Well, when you put it like that....
Can you solve the chess problem which holds key to human consciousness?
If you’re a chess player and you can figure out how to play this particular board set to a draw or even a win, the scientists at the Penrose Institute want to talk to you. It’s a chess problem which exceeds the capabilities of all existing computational power, but CAN be solved by a human player. Here’s your chance to beat the AI’s and help define human consciousness. 
Memphis Meats, a Silicon Valley food tech company, has figured how to create meatless chicken
This is a serious breakthrough in the manufactured meat space. Memphis Meats has synthesized chicken from self-reproducing cells, though you probably won’t see it on grocery store shelves for another five years or so. At the moment it costs about $9,000 a pound to produce.
San Jose: Adobe semaphore code finally cracked after nearly 5 years
A Tennessee school teacher has finally broken the semaphore code displayed on the Adobe building in San Jose. I won’t blow the surprise for you, but trust me, read this story. So worth it.
Into the woods: how one man survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years
This was the most fascinating story I read all week. Who among us hasn’t fantasized at some point about walking into the woods and leaving everything behind? Christopher Knight did just that at age 20, and spent the next 27 years in total isolation.
400,000 yr-old half-skull points to mystery people
The caves of Western Europe are a veritable treasure trove for anthropologists. This half skull discovered in a cave in Portugal points to a possible ancestor of the Neanderthals we didn’t know even existed.
Humpback whales have started gathering in huge numbers and no one knows why
It’s hard for me to see something like this and not feel a little foreboding. You know the whales know something we don’t. 
Humans Made the Banana Perfect—But Soon, It’ll Be Gone
You might not have realized this, but every banana you’ve ever eaten has been a clone. Which is great, because we all love that particular banana. The problem is that it’s easy to wipe out an entire species when that species consists of only one member. We may be at the end of days for bananas.
Obesity's hefty price tag
These numbers will blow you away. We’re programmed by evolution to overeat, but the consequences are devastating.
How to Become an International Gold Smuggler
How do you become an international gold smuggler? Like most other things, it starts with a Google search…
How Mark Cuban saved St. Patrick's Day in Dallas
It’s hard not to like Mark Cuban. When the sponsors pulled out of Dallas’s annual St. Patrick’s Day party, Cuban stepped in and singlehandedly saved the party.
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