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This breakfast burrito might kill you.

Happy Saturday, y'all! We've got a great issue this week with the top 10 most unhealthy restaurant me
This breakfast burrito might kill you.
By Dave Guilford • Issue #110 • View online
Happy Saturday, y'all! We’ve got a great issue this week with the top 10 most unhealthy restaurant meals you can eat, drunken wasps menacing outdoor cafes, and 7 stunning charts outlining the obesity crisis in America.
Let’s get it on…

PSA: Drunk, Belligerent Wasps Are Terrorizing Beer Gardens
Lawsuits accuse Tesla's Musk of fraud over tweets, going-private proposal
Behind Hollywood’s McDonald’s-Monopoly Article Bidding War
Finding Meaning in a Galaxy Without Aliens
Average credit card debt in every state, ranked lowest to highest
Gen Z kids unplugging, happily, at summer camp
I Discovered My Boyfriend Of 2 Years Was A Con Man Who Swindled Me Out Of $52,000
A year in Paris is as bad for your health as smoking 183 cigarettes
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Have a spectacular weekend, stay safe, and I’ll see you next Saturday!
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