The vexing case of the disappearing state.

Happy Saturday, y'all. I'm still emerging from my turkey coma, but that didn't stop me from putting t
The vexing case of the disappearing state.
By Daveslist • Issue #25
Happy Saturday, y'all. I’m still emerging from my turkey coma, but that didn’t stop me from putting together some great links this week.
Let’s get it on…

I am so proud to be associated with this exciting program as a LEAN methodology coach. Last semester 7 MBA candidates were given a proprietary rocket valve by NASA and tasked with finding a commercial application for it. This video tells the story of their journey.
I’m entirely sympathetic to anyone dealing with substance abuse issues. It’s a horrible way to get through life, and I wish the best to anyone cursed with this particular scourge. That said, there are different tiers of treatment based on your socio-economic status. This is a glimpse into the concierge rehab of the uber wealthy.
This one hits pretty close to home - literally. Louisiana is slipping under water every moment of every day, but you’d never know it if you look at the map. Until now.
Those of us who’ve spent a lot of time on a boat are well acquainted with the stillness illness. But I had no idea it was a serious disorder requiring medical treatment for some.
Is it a surprise to anyone that female monkeys manipulate male monkeys to determine who will make the best mates?
As pervasive as social media is, it might be costing you job opportunities. If you post too much on Facebook, Twitter, etc…, your next potential employer might not take too kindly to it. Especially in light of the last US election, where the country was split down the middle, you have a 50% chance of alienating the next person who might hire you.
This sucks, but it’s important that you know it. Apple is already working on a fix, but as of now it still works.
The timeline on human civilization continues to be pushed back further and further. 
Given a broad enough cross-section of humanity, there was bound to be a serial killer in the NFL. I would’ve bet money that he’d be a Raider, though.

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Be safe, and have a fantastic weekend. I’ll see you next Saturday.
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