The Fraud That Became Think & Grow Rich

Happy New Year, y'all!I hope you had a great holiday season and a happy and safe new year. You might
The Fraud That Became Think & Grow Rich
By Daveslist • Issue #27
Happy New Year, y'all!
I hope you had a great holiday season and a happy and safe new year. You might notice a few changes around here. We took the month of December off to retool a few things about Daveslist, including the design. 
We’re also gearing up to launch the official Daveslist Blog. It’ll be a place for me to occasionally write original long form pieces like I used to in my newspaper and magazine days. I’ll keep y'all posted on that.
I’m excited to watch our community grow. I thank you for being a part of this, and I look forward to bringing you the most interesting stories you might have missed all year long.  
Without further ado, let’s get it on…

Those resolutions tho...
Those resolutions tho...
Top 10 Daveslist articles of 2016
Thought it would be fun to start with the 10 most popular articles (as judged by you guys) of last year. A couple of these might surprise you.
What It's Like to See the World for Almost No Money by Traveling on Container Ships
Just in case you never experience one of those Monopoly-style bank errors in your favor, here’s a way to see the world on the cheap. If you have loads of time and a good line of BS, you too can sail around the world for next to nothing.
New DARPA Tech Turns Military Planes Into Drones
It’s no secret that there’s a major push to remove human assets from the battlefield. I don’t know what that means to the state of warfare in the long term, but we’re on the cusp of seeing aircrew removed from some military aircraft. As a former Huey guy, I don’t really know how I feel about this, but time marches on.
Avatar-style S. Korean manned robot takes first baby steps
Speaking of mechanized war machines, this thing would be straight nightmare fuel if it weren’t so damned cool. I definitely wanna drive one of these before I die.
Messing with genes could WIPE OUT geniuses from the earth
Madness and genius are often two sides of the same coin. Some of our greatest advances in history were driven by people who were deeply troubled at the least, and certifiably insane at the extremes. Gene editing carries the potential to eliminate the genetic markers for depression, autism, and other conditions considered “defects”. But if we wipe out psychological disorders in the womb, how many tortured geniuses will that take with it?
A.J. Daulerio Interview - Former Gawker Editor Discusses Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Case
This was without a doubt the landmark court case of 2016. The Gawker suit forced us to face the danger a renegade billionaire with an axe to grind represents to the free press we all hold sacred. Gawker was utterly despicable, which made it hard to feel bad for them, but we all lost something when they went down. This interview with the disgraced former editor tells the story you never heard.
The Untold Story of Napoleon Hill, the Greatest Self-Help Scammer of All Time
You could have knocked me over with a feather when I read this. Napolean Hill was a bedrock of my early professional life. I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve read Think and Grow Rich, but I can tell you that the number is higher than any other single book in my life. I probably should have known it was all a scam, but I’ll be damned if I would’ve admitted that to myself back then.
Not gonna lie, this one wrecked me for awhile.
The meals your parents made for you are now too calorific for modern lifestyles
Well this sucks. Thanks to globalization and technology eliminating many physical labor jobs, compounded by the fact that we don’t walk anywhere anymore, the 2,500 a day calorie standard we grew up with is now too much food for our lazy asses to process.
The longest ride in Uber history
It’s hard to imagine spending 8 hours in the back seat of an Uber over a distance of 400 miles, but it’s even harder to imagine being the driver who had to turn around and drive another 8 hours back.
14 crazy houses built in unusual places
If “getting away from it all” is your thing, you’re going to love most of these pads. I have to admit that I’d love to rent most of them for the weekend. But I’ve got two words for China: eminent domain.
That’s it for this week, y'all. Feel free to hit REPLY and let me know what you thought of this week’s links. As always, please forward to anyone you think might enjoy it.
Have a fantastic weekend and let’s stay safe out there.
I’ll see you next Saturday.
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