Snapchat's latest innovation? Disappearing equity.

Happy Super Saturday, y'all! This is the weekend millions of Americans look forward to all year. This
Snapchat's latest innovation? Disappearing equity.
By Daveslist • Issue #31
Happy Super Saturday, y'all! This is the weekend millions of Americans look forward to all year. This year’s Super Bowl pits the long time champion Patriots against the upstart Falcons, and there’s a lot on the line for both teams. The game could go a lot of different ways, but I doubt it’ll be boring. Looking forward to it.
We’ve got lots of interesting stuff to cover this week, from Snapchat’s IPO to a hotel held ransom by hackers to our national bacon shortage.
Let’s get it on…

Let's stay safe out there this Super Bowl
Let's stay safe out there this Super Bowl
Why Earth Is A Prison and How To Escape It
This is a really unique way to look at the problem of gravity. You probably don’t consider gravity a problem per se, but then you’ve never tried to fire anything into space. If you follow this line of reasoning, then you might be inclined to agree with Jeff Bezos that colonizing Mars is a really bad idea (because Mars has gravity too, so the same problem exists). 
Will Snapchat (SNAP) investors get voting rights with their IPO shares?
Snap, the parent company of popular disappearing-messages service Snapchat, is going public in the next two weeks, and they’ve decided to stick it to their investors. For the first time in history, the shares sold at IPO will have no voting rights. Institutional investors are screaming bloody murder, understandably. 
There are other tech companies like Google and Apple where investors essentially have no say in the operations of the company, but it took those companies decades to convince investors it was worth giving up their voting rights. Snap expects to do that on Day One.
The IPO values Snap somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 billion, so pretty much all the value has been extracted by private investors over the past several years anyway. The non voting stock is just adding insult to injury.
Hotel ransomed by hackers as guests locked out of rooms
Hackers took over one of the top hotels in the Austrian alps on opening day of ski season this year, locking 180 guests out of their rooms and shutting down all the hotels systems until a Bitcoin ransom was paid. It was the fourth such attack on the same hotel, and the problem is spreading. 
Meet New Zealand's 19-Year-Old Jordan Belfort Getting Rich Racketeering on the Dark Web
Definitely give this one a read, if for no other reason than it’ll make you scan your credit card statements a little closer. This guy buys credit card numbers on the dark web, then uses them to buy things for resale on eBay. And he’s pulling in real money.
Sunken, 600-year-old Buddha emerges from water in China
Of all the things that could float up when you drain a reservoir, this has to about the coolest.
Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Booze
The history of booze is absolutely fascinating. Now that we’ve pushed back the clock on civilization with the discovery of Göbekli Tepe, we’re finding that humans have been getting wasted far longer than previously believed. In many way, booze has been a prime mover of the human story.
Buy Whatever You Want
This is a piece on conscious consumerism. I don’t mean the kind of purchasing that is supposed to have some net social benefit, I mean being conscious of what you’re buying and aware of whether it adds to your happiness or not. One of the quickest ways to financial independence is to have simple tastes. 
Achieving Financial Success Without Extreme Frugality or a Huge Income
So how does conscious consumerism work? Here’s a handy blueprint for saving a bunch of money in a hurry. Hint: it starts in the kitchen and has nothing to do with cutting back on your favorite things.
Chimps beat up, murder and then cannibalise their former tyrant
Chimpanzees are terrifying creatures. They’re often portrayed as cute, funny, almost human characters, but the reality is far different. Chimps are one of the only species outside humanity that go to war with rival tribes, commit murder, and are capable of torture. This is the dark tale of what this pack did to their former alpha.
Nation's bacon reserves hit 50-year low as prices rise
Arguably the most serious crisis of the modern age.
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Have a fantastic weekend, stay safe, and enjoy the big game. I’ll see you next Saturday.
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