Latté foam art is a sign of the apocalypse.

Happy Saturday, y'all. It's Mardi Gras weekend here in the Big Easy, so I'm heading out to catch some
Latté foam art is a sign of the apocalypse.
By Daveslist • Issue #34
Happy Saturday, y'all. It’s Mardi Gras weekend here in the Big Easy, so I’m heading out to catch some parades and general mayhem. 
The first story this week is unfortunately an important one to take action on. There’s been another massive data breach, and this one affects all of us.
Aside from that, we’ve got some really interesting stuff to cover, so let’s get it on…

Thanks for making it weird, Bob.
Thanks for making it weird, Bob.
Change Your Passwords. Now. 
Once again, there’s been a major data breach, and this one was so bad that Google started indexing people’s private data, making it searchable (not Google’s fault, and they’re working around the clock to scrub it). The breach is linked to a vulnerability in Cloudflare, which has several uses but is most commonly used as a Content Delivery Network. I was alerted to it early Friday (yesterday), and at the time it looked like a problem just for webmasters using Cloudflare. Now we know it goes way beyond that. Here is the list of suspected sites affected by the breach.
The Good News: It appears that this was caused by a software bug in Cloudflare’s code, and was not a deliberate hack. Engineers at Google discovered the vulnerability and notified Cloudflare, and Cloudflare was able to contain the leak within 44 minutes and completely patch the system in 7 hours. 
If you’re as tired as I am of these constant breaches, it’s probably time to move to a password manager. LastPass is the best known password manager and it’s very good, but Dashlane is my preference. I’ve met the CEO and I got to know their operation a bit while I was living in Paris, and these guys live, eat, and breathe security.  •  Share
Everything You Need To Know About The Seven New Potentially Habitable Planets
The big news this week is that NASA has discovered a solar system just 40 light years away from our own which has seven Earth-like planets orbiting a Red Dwarf star dubbed Trappist-1. This is the best rundown you’ll find on the discovery.
4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Imagine an (anti)social network that was completely anonymous, with almost no prohibitions on what users can post, and its own written language that functions as a secret handshake. Now imagine that social network being responsible for some of the most epic pranks and hacks in Internet history, possibly even including the election of Donald Trump. 
You might not know what 4chan is, you’ve maybe never even heard of it, but this rogue website has had a greater impact on global politics (and even the way we communicate online) than any other. This article is not political, and you’ll come away from it with a grudging appreciation for one of the darkest spots on the web.
The Robin Hood of Science: The Missing Chapter
It’s still difficult for me to write about Aaron Swartz without becoming enraged. If 4chan represents the darkness on the Internet, then Aaron represented the light. If you don’t know his story, make this the one thing you read this week.
Alphabet's Waymo says Uber stole key parts of its self-driving tech
There’s being suspected of stealing a former employer’s technology, and there’s being caught red handed. This is definitely the latter, and Uber is in seriously hot water. Add this to the allegations of super gross sexual harassment at the company, and 2017 is off to a rocky start for Uber. Some are even suggesting it’s all over but the crying.
Ripple Maker
If there were ever a signal of the end of mankind, it’s the Ripple Maker. I really try to keep an open mind and resist my inner curmudgeon, but if you’ve got the time and inclination to have a selfie machine-drawn into the foam of a latté you’re about to drink before it gets cold, you need to find something useful to do with your life.
Ring, formerly 'Doorbot' on 'Shark Tank,' gets $109 million investment
Now for an idea that doesn’t suck. After blowing it on Shark Tank, Ring has absolutely taken off. It allows you to see who’s ringing your doorbell from anywhere in the world, and to speak to them as though you were home.
Decoding the ancient tale of mass suicide in the Judaean desert
I was 11 years old when ABC ran the miniseries Masada, and it left such an impression on me that I think about it to this day. This is the history of the Roman siege at Masada, and the giant middle finger the Jewish rebels left them as their dying act.
Better start polishing up that Nobel prize right now
That’s it for this week, y'all. Go change those passwords! If you enjoyed this week’s links feel free to share them far and wide.
Wish me luck this Mardi Gras weekend, everybody be safe, and I’ll see you next Saturday.
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