Is Internet access a human right?

Lots of good stuff this week.Let's get it on...
Is Internet access a human right?
By Daveslist • Issue #24
Lots of good stuff this week.
Let’s get it on…

Always finding the bright side.
This is the type of thing that keeps a network security expert awake at night. Here’s the tl;dr version: Never, ever leave your computer unattended, even at work, and even if it’s password protected.
It might surprise you to learn that the same items from the same online retailer have different prices depending on the device you use to display them. For example, a widget might cost X when you look it up on your computer, but go to the same item at the same URL from your phone and it might cost Y. The same is true for your location.
Alphonse Bertillon was a CSI pioneer. Perhaps his largest contribution to crime solving was the invention of the mug shot. But it was his crime scene photography that changed the way murder investigations were handled from that point forward.
This brings up an interesting philosophical question: is Internet access a human right? 
Well, this cow’s out of the barn. While Western scientists debated the ethics of human gene modification using CRISPR technology, the Chinese just went ahead and did it. 
I’ve heard a lot of grumbling over this ruling, but it makes sense to me. There is clearly an aggrieved party here (today’s youth), and the argument can be made (successfully, IMHO) that the government is willfully ignoring causal data leading to irreparable environmental damage.
We got lucky here in New Orleans because the sky was clear and we had a beautiful view of the Supermoon. Here are some of the best shots from around the world, and they’re breathtaking.
I’m really looking forward to this one. It already has a lot of Oscar buzz, and the story is like none other. It always throws me to see Andrew Garfield in interviews, because he’s impeccably British but always plays these iconic American characters (Spider Man, Desmond Doss, etc…). I just can’t get used to his British accent IRL.
108 years is a long time to wait for a pennant, but Mabel Ball hung in there with her beloved Cubs.
That’s it for this week, guys. Hope you enjoyed the links. As always, feel free to share and/or hit REPLY to let me know what you think. If you’re in America, have a happy Thanksgiving on Thursday. If you’re outside America…well…treat yo self anyway.
Stay safe, have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next Saturday.
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