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Here's why you should start looking for a new job.

Happy Saturday, y'all! Sorry I'm late today, I overindulged a bit last night and I'm feeling pretty r
Here's why you should start looking for a new job.
By Dave Guilford • Issue #55 • View online
Happy Saturday, y'all! Sorry I’m late today, I overindulged a bit last night and I’m feeling pretty rough. We’ve got some great stuff nonetheless, like the terrifying ordeal of being trapped in an underwater cave for days, why job hopping is better for you long term than staying with one employer, and how a group of girls invented solar powered tents for the homeless. 
Let’s get it on…

Appropriate today...
Appropriate today...
All-girl engineer team invents solar-powered tent for the homeless
Elon Musk explains what's wrong with math class
Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements, in Pictures and Words
French moms aren't superior parents—they just have it easier
Employees Who Stay In Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less
Two days in an underwater cave running out of oxygen
Blogger discredits History’s Amelia Earhart doc with 30 minutes of research
Why It Sucks to Be a Male Hyena
Record 9 million comments flood FCC on net neutrality
That’s it for this week, y'all. Let me know what you thought with a THUMBS UP or DOWN. Feel free to share with anyone you think might enjoy it. Now I’m off to suffer the remainder of this hangover and question my life choices.
Have a fantastic weekend, stay safe, and I’ll see you next Saturday!
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