Here's why renting your house to a cult is a bad idea.

Happy Saturday, y'all. If you're anything like me, you're probably dealing with a healthy dose of ele
Here's why renting your house to a cult is a bad idea.
By Daveslist • Issue #23
Happy Saturday, y'all. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably dealing with a healthy dose of election fatigue, so consider this a safe space. (Man, did I just use the phrase “safe space” in a non-ironic way? I must be slipping.) All joking aside, we learned a lot of really cool things this election which I’ll definitely cover at some point in the future, but for now just let me extend my congratulations to President-elect Trump and his supporters for their success in a hard fought campaign.
Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff…

Because science.
Because science.
A Suicide Cult’s Surviving Members Still Maintain Its 90s Website
I figured I’d kick this issue off with a bizarre personal story. My buddy and I were driving to work in Carlsbad, California one morning in March 1997 when traffic came to a dead stop. After literally not moving an inch in 15 minutes, all kinds of sirens start screaming by us. Eventually we find a radio station that’s reporting a mass suicide by a cult who’d rented a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, perhaps the wealthiest suburb of San Diego. What’s more, the house was for sale.
On the list of phone calls you never want to receive as a landlord, reports of a mass suicide in your rental has to be pretty near the top. And when you’re also trying to sell the place? Fuhgeddaboudit. 
My buddy and I dashed off a lowball offer to purchase the house before we even set our stuff down when we got to the office. We figured the seller would be desperate (what with the 39 bodies being carted off his property on CNN and all), and I was already planning the most epic Halloween party San Diego had ever seen. Alas, we weren’t the only vultures out there, and the house ended up selling for more than its list price after a pretty heated bidding war.
So I was pretty interested to see that the remaining members of the Heavens Gate cult are still keeping the home fires burning, so to speak. They have their work cut out for them, because the Hale-Bopp comet (the intergalactic Uber their fellow cult members shuffled off their mortal coils to catch) won’t make another appearance until the year 4380. 
Remote Control
While we’re talking about cults, has Stefan Molyneux’s podcast audience become one? I say this completely tongue-in-cheek because I actually enjoy his podcast from time to time, and the notion that people are abandoning their families because of him I find pretty ludicrous. It is interesting to note what an impact this medium has had on our society in such a short time, though. I never listen to the radio anymore, do you? I’ll play Spotify for music, but most of the time I’m listening to podcasts. Have I joined a cult and I just don’t know it?
How radical life extension will transform how we think about punishment
This one will leave your head spinning, and make you question the desired outcomes of prison rehabilitation. What if it were technologically possible to manufacture a drug designed to slow a person’s perception of time to a crawl? It would then be theoretically possible for them to serve a thousand-year sentence. Ideas like this veer into the cruel and unusual pretty quickly, which is exactly why we need to consider them.
The Dutch prison crisis: A shortage of prisoners
While we’re on the subject of crime and punishment, it’s amazing what happens when you cross stupid laws off your books and make a genuine effort to rehabilitate prisoners. This should be the model for prisons worldwide. Unfortunately the attitudes about what constitutes a crime need to change first.
Apple BANS Rich Kids app from its devices to stop socialites from using it to boast
I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Yes, the app is a showcase of the most douchetacular specimens on Earth, thus probably deserving of the scorn heaped upon it. On the other hand, who is Apple to thwart the free market? If rich kids are dumb enough to pay $1,000 a month for what amounts to a bespoke Instagram, who is Apple to tell them they can’t?
Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?
Here is a better approach to the whole Rich Kids of Instagram thing. Just live better. Be decent to one another. Step away from the screens once in a while. I’m not preaching, because I spend more time in front of a screen than most people I know.
Delivery drones will mean the end of ownership
Here is this week’s MUST READ. Astro Teller is the brains behind Google’s secretive skunkworks known only as “X”. He’s not just a mad genius, he’s a philosopher as well. His advice to fall in love with the problem and not with the solution is something I try to impart to the startups I consult for. In this article, his thoughts on the end of ownership are profound. You might never buy another pack of batteries again.
Is Uber Killing the Yellow Taxi in New York City?
There’s no way the taxi industry could have seen Uber coming, especially in New York. Take a look at this parking lot in Brooklyn if you want to see how an industry dies.
How To Get Wireless Passwords At Airports When They Don't Have Free Wifi
Here’s a nifty hack for those of you who travel a lot and find yourselves in airports without free wifi. You’re welcome.
Secret of connection between dogs and humans could be genetic
I am forever fascinated by the evolutionary journey of humans and canines, and how we’re inextricably linked. This recent study shows that some breeds of dogs are genetically hard wired to seek human connection and assistance.
That’s it for this week, y'all. If you enjoyed the links (or even if you didn’t!) feel free to his REPLY and tell me about it. As always, share with anyone you think might enjoy it.
Have a tremendous weekend. Stay safe, and I’ll see you next Saturday!
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