Here's what the world's coldest city looks like.

Without further ado, let's get it on...
Here's what the world's coldest city looks like.
By Daveslist • Issue #16
Without further ado, let’s get it on…

My week in a nutshell.
My week in a nutshell.
Google backs off on previously announced Allo privacy feature
Might as well kick this week off with a public service announcement. Let me preface this by saying that I am wholeheartedly Team Google. 
Yes it’s slick. Yes it integrates a personal assistant chatbot. Yes it comes with cool new sticker sets. Don’t do it. Google went back on their promise of transient message storage and now the app is storing all your messages indefinitely by default. I won’t go into all the reasons this is dangerous, but the bottom line is that you should be at least considering end-to-end encryption and timed destruction on all your message traffic these days. Allo in its default state is pretty much the exact opposite of that.
18 spellbinding pictures of the coldest city on Earth.
My kids were born about 1,000 km southeast of Oymyakon, and people often ask me how cold it really is in the Arctic Circle. I’ve been there in the winter and in the spring, and I can’t say the change of season made much difference. These photos will give you some idea.
China's space station 'out of control' and on crash course to Earth
OK, this sounds bad. Old guys like me remember when SkyLab made its unceremonious reentry back in 1979, and it wasn’t pretty. Since then we’ve been pretty careful about the whole gravity thing. So it looks like we get to play the space station lottery again next year some time.  Yay.
Where should you sit on a plane?
The short answer? In the back. Not only do you have a better shot at overhead bin space, a greater chance of an empty seat beside you, and you’ll likely be boarded first, there’s that whole “airplanes don’t back into mountains” thing. Always worked for me.
W. African King is a landscaper
This guy is a total boss. Literally. He became the king of his tribe in Ghana in 2015, and now he’s returned to his landscaping job in Canada so he can send the money back to them. That’s leadership.
Here’s What Happens When You Give $1,000 to Someone in Extreme Poverty
On the subject of helping the poor, we’ve made incredible strides over the past 20 years to eradicate extreme poverty. That said, there are still over 2 billion people living on $3 a day or less. This article might challenge your assumptions about how best to make their lives better.
The Looming Extinction of Humankind, Explained
“On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” - Tyler Durden, Fight Club
Did you know that the odds of your dying in a car crash are 9.5 times lower than dying in a human extinction event? Well now you do! Happy Friday.
Want to Slow Climate Change? Stop Having Babies, Bioethicist Travis Rieder Says
Speaking of extinction level events, quit having kids already, willya??? We’re currently in the midst of the planet’s sixth mass extinction, and scientists estimate that 30-50% of the species alive today will be extinct by mid-century. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the oceans, where overfishing for human consumption has driven 85% of the world’s fisheries to their biological limits in just the past 50 years.
Seriously. Stop making people.
Into the Black: I Paid Off My Credit Card By Searching the Ocean For Gold
This is more of a personal finance article than anything else, but the way this guy went about eradicating his debt and getting his financial house in order is pretty epic. 
Laguna Pool Drop 2
This is just good, white-knuckle fun. This wildman breaks into a resort and jumps off a 5th-floor balcony into the pool below with a GoPro strapped to his noggin. Fun stuff.
That’s it for this week y'all. Hit REPLY and let me know what  you thought about this week’s links. As always, feel free to share.
Have a stupendous weekend and I’ll see you next Friday!
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