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Happy New Year, Daveslisters!

Happy Saturday, y'all! I'm at an event all weekend so I wasn't able to add my commentary to this week
Happy New Year, Daveslisters!
By Dave Guilford • Issue #79 • View online
Happy Saturday, y'all! I’m at an event all weekend so I wasn’t able to add my commentary to this week’s links, but there’s one in particular I’d like to point out so you don’t skip it. It’s the video of the young lady explaining relativity for the 2017 Breakthrough Junior Challenge. Her explanation is fantastic and easy for anyone to understand.
It’s been one heck of year. I hope you came through it unscathed, and I hope you’re prepared to have a tremendous 2018.
Let’s get it on…

Tourists scream in terror as giant alligator suddenly leaps off a muddy bank and onto their boat
Modern life too much for you? Maybe a tiny box in the woods is the cure.
The Strange Case of When Michael Jackson Almost Bought Marvel
Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2017 | Relativity & The Equivalence of Reference Frames
FBI Software For Analyzing Fingerprints Contains Russian-Made Code, Whistleblowers Say
The frilled giant Pacific octopus is a new species of cephalopod, discovered in 2017
‘Cash me outside’ girl pays off mother’s mortgage
Bitcoin exchange chief kidnapped as he leaves work
Kidnapped crypto exec released after paying $1 million bitcoin ransom
Texas Woman Accused Of Ruining $300K Of Artwork While Drunk
That’s it for the week, y'all. If you enjoyed the links, let me know what you thought with a THUMBS UP or DOWN below. As always feel free to share with anyone else you think might enjoy it.

Please, please, PLEASE be safe this weekend, and have a fantastic New Year. I’ll see you next Saturday.
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Dave Guilford

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