Gaping Hole of DOOM is not a punk band, and that's a shame.

Happy Saturday, y'all! Another week, another big hacking revelation. Ted Kaczynski might have been on
Gaping Hole of DOOM is not a punk band, and that's a shame.
By Daveslist • Issue #36
Happy Saturday, y'all! 
Another week, another big hacking revelation. Ted Kaczynski might have been on to something with his whole cabin in the woods routine. I cover the particulars here.
Aside from that, we’ve got some really cool stuff, including an appearance by The Dude, a nifty tool to save you from annoying coworkers, and coffee beans aged in whiskey barrels just in time for St. Patty’s Day.
Let’s get it on…

Best day of the year.
Best day of the year.
Jeff Bridges channels 'The Dude' to honor his Big Lebowski co-star John Goodman
This is the best thing you’ll see all week. You know something magical is about to happen the minute you see Jeff Bridges hand John Goodman the ringer. Far out, man.
The CIA just lost control of its hacking arsenal. Here’s what you need to know.
This was the big news this week. Wikileaks dumped what is being called Vault 7, and it’s a veritable treasure trove of vulnerabilities the CIA uses to hack into the most common systems in the world (examples: Windows, iOS, Android, smart TVs, etc.). Here are the Cliff’s Notes:
  • They both created and discovered zero day exploits in systems and didn’t alert the manufacturers to the vulnerabilities, exposing millions of users to criminal hackers.
  • Through a flaw in the Windows Control Panel they have the ability to plant files on a target’s hard drive.
  • A hack they refer to as “Weeping Angel” allows them to turn Samsung smart TVs into listening devices even when the TV is off.
  • The CIA hackers have a sense of humor, giving their various hacks names like RickyBobby, SuckerPunch, RoidRage, WreckingCrew, and Gaping Hole of DOOM.
Feds open criminal probe into WikiLeaks CIA document dump
In typical “shoot the messenger” fashion, there’s now a good old fashioned witch hunt for the chatty hacker/s who blabbed.
The Feds Would Rather Drop a Child Porn Case Than Give Up an Exploit
Here’s where all this government hacking gets really problematic. Last week the DOJ cut an alleged child pornographer loose rather than disclose the tools and techniques they used to compromise the TOR network. Let that sink in for a minute.
NOPE for Chrome Sends You An Emergency Phone Call to Save You From Work Conversations
Somebody was using their noggin when they came up with this. Do you have one of those coworkers who rapes your ear with ceaseless chatter? Now you can click a button on your browser the minute you see them coming, and your phone starts ringing. Problem solved.
The State of Louisiana vs. Cardell Hayes
Those of us in New Orleans have been living this story for the past year, and it’s about to come to its conclusion when Cardell Hayes is sentenced on March 27. There is so much wrong with this case that it seems to me justice is no longer possible. This is a gut-wrenchingly well written piece on the case, and you should give it a read.
Starbucks unveils whiskey barrel-aged coffee. Yum!
Why not? Seems like it would make a Monday morning meeting a little more tolerable anyway.
What the world's nations are best at, revealed in one map
SPAM. The US is best in the world at SPAM. And not even the good kind (if mystery meat pressed into a tin can is indeed the good kind). My friends and family in Ireland will be shocked to learn that the best whiskey drinkers are French. Some of these are surprising (Pakistan is best at gay porn?) and others less so (rice in Thailand), but it might be a good idea to check this chart when planning your next vacation abroad.
Rabbit hole in farmer's field leads to 'mystery caves'
Whether these caves were used by followers of the Knights Templar or modern day practitioners of black magic, it’s a pretty amazing thing to find in your back yard.
Digging Deep Into the Only Conspiracy Alex Jones Doesn't Like
If there were ever a conspiracy theory I wanted to be true with all my heart, it’s this one. Alex Jones is more than a few tacos short of a fiesta platter and it’s a little disheartening that he has such a wide following, but what if it were all just an act by one of the greatest comics who ever lived? What I wouldn’t give to have Bill Hicks back…
That’s it for this week, y'all. If you enjoyed this week’s selection, feel free to share it far and wide. If you have any questions or comments, hit REPLY and I’ll get right back to you. 
Thanks for reading, stay safe, have a tremendous weekend, and I’ll see you next Saturday!
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