Daveslist #9: Dirty Bombs, Impossible Burgers, and the Worst Movie Ever Made

I'm running a little late this week. Let's get to it...
Daveslist #9: Dirty Bombs, Impossible Burgers, and the Worst Movie Ever Made
By Daveslist • Issue #9
I’m running a little late this week. Let’s get to it…

Get your shit together, Australia.
Get your shit together, Australia.
You only need to open Facebook to know the answer to this one. It’s like people aren’t even trying anymore.
The Impossible Burger is a lab-made meatless treat for carnivores
I can’t wait to try this stuff. If it’s even close, I’m off animal protein forever.
Google’s Famous Kitchens May Serve Fake Shrimp Made of Algae
It doesn’t surprise me that “artificial” meat proteins would be found in Google’s kitchens. I for one would love to try artificial shrimp made from algae. And before you turn your nose up, how much krab have you eaten in your life? (you know, those white sticks of “crab” you find in a package at the grocery store)
Google's Alphabet is part of a $700 million effort to cure disease without meds
Speaking of Google, this is a very promising development in the field of nanotechnology. Pretty soon we’re all going to have microscopic mechanics moving around our blood stream fixing stuff. Brave new world.
Living Out of a Van Is the New American Dream
You could spend your youth grinding away at your job, paying rent and hating your life, or you could just say screw it and move into a van.
Stephen Hawking has a stark warning for what Brexit could mean for the human species
We’re living in “perilous times”, according to one of the smartest men on Earth. Why? Mostly because we refuse to share. He’s not optimistic for the future of our species.
 ‘There isn’t really anything magical about it’: Why more millennials are avoiding sex
And if Hawking’s prediction isn’t the end of mankind, maybe this will be. I find this really interesting, even though it’s a little hard for me to believe. I guess when there are enough other distractions out there that don’t even require leaving your house, why not? 
The Worst Movie Ever Made? The True Story of 'Birdemic'
This is the best thing I watched all week. It’s all about the American dream, sorta. Tragicomic is a good word to describe it. And who doesn’t love a slow motion train wreck?
That’s it for this week, guys. I’d love to hear what you think about this week’s selection, so hit REPLY and let me know. If you enjoyed it (and even if you didn’t!) feel free to share with your friends. You might just save humanity.
Be safe, and have a fantastic weekend!
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