Daveslist #7: Turkish Coup, Expensive Twinkies, Amazon Treehouse

In addition to the vile terrorist attack in Nice last night, it appears there is an attempted militar
Daveslist #7: Turkish Coup, Expensive Twinkies, Amazon Treehouse
By Daveslist • Issue #7
In addition to the vile terrorist attack in Nice last night, it appears there is an attempted military coup in the offing as we speak in Turkey. Link below.
Let’s get to it…

True dat.
True dat.
Turkey coup: military attempt to seize power from Erdogan as low flying jets and gunfire heard in Ankara and bridges across Bosphorus in Istanbul closed
It appears we are in the beginning stages of an attempted military coup in Turkey. This is happening in real time, so I don’t have a lot of details. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have been blocked in Turkey. You can use this link for real time updates.
This Guy Keeps Getting Killed in Terrorist Attacks
This is pretty dark, but I have to say it’s some epic trolling. I can only surmise that this guy is a world class douche to inspire this level of hatred from the folks who keep reporting him killed in every terrorist attack. 
Jill Stein Will Pardon Snowden, Appoint Him to Cabinet If Elected
Wow, this is cool. Not only did Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein say she’d pardon Snowden, she wants to give him a job in her cabinet. 
“I would say not only bring Snowden back, but bring him into my administration as a member of the Cabinet,” she continued, “because we need people who are part of our national security administration who are really, very patriotic. If we’re really going to protect our American security, we also have to protect our Constitutional rights, and that includes our right to privacy.”
What Saved Hostess And Twinkies: Automation And Firing 95% Of The Union Workforce
We can all agree that Twinkies are great, and our country breathed a collective sigh of relief when it was announced that they were back for good. What we didn’t think about at the time was, at what cost?
In yet another example of automation replacing workers, almost an entire union workforce lost their jobs. This is a serious, serious problem that very few people are talking about because the effects are only being felt by a small segment of the population at the moment. It only gets worse from here.
It’s all fun and games until you have to survive the zombie apocalypse without your Twinkies.
Forget Beanbag Chairs. Amazon Is Giving Its Workers Treehouses
Not to be outdone by Apple’s new “spaceship”, Amazon is building the most baller workspace in human history. I honestly don’t know how I’d get any work done if I had to hang out in here every day.
Corrupt agent who investigated Silk Road is suspected of another $700k heist
This is one of those things that infuriate me to no end. Ross Ulbricht, alleged founder of the Silk Road, is doing life in prison for his involvement. Doesn’t matter that the cops investigating the case were so filthy that now a couple of them are doing time for the shady shit they pulled while trying to bust him. If you’re interested in the whole sordid affair, here’s a good place to start.
MIT Researchers Devise New Anonymity Network Following Tor Bug
This is an interesting development. Ever since the Silk Road got busted and the feds refused to admit how they found the servers, everyone on the deep web has been leery of TOR. It’s widely suspected that there was a vulnerability in TOR that the feds were able to exploit, effectively nullifying the anonymous nature of the router.
So MIT researchers have answered the call with a TOR replacement called Riffle. It looks promising, but it bears the one disadvantage of all anonymizing resources: if you’re using it, the government knows you have something to hide.
Believe it or not, that’s the reason TOR was originally released to the public. It was designed as top secret Navy encryption, but if the only people using it were DOD types, then that makes the job of a spy pretty easy. They released TOR to the public so they could hide in plain sight.
I let a connected pillow send radio waves through my brain for five days
As an enthusiastic biohacker, I’m willing to try just about anything. I got serious about sleep hacking a couple years ago, and it’s the thing that has probably had the biggest impact on my well being (such as it is). That said, I’m giving this one a pass. A bit too gimmicky for my taste, and I’m the guy who bought a Sleep Induction Mat (don’t do it, it hurts).
Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored
You’re either into Game of Thrones or you’re not, but if you’re in the latter camp and you’re wondering what all the hype is about, I can think of no better way to get you caught up than Game of Thrones explained by Samuel L. Jackson, as only he can. 
How Much Alcohol Americans Drink
Uhhh….have a great weekend?
That’s it for this week, y'all. Have a happy and safe weekend. As always, I’d love to hear what you thought about this week’s links (just hit REPLY), and feel free to share issue with anyone you think might enjoy it.
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