Daveslist #5: Rogue Waves, Texit, and the Zombie Apocalypse for Rich Folk

You gotta love a 3-day weekend in the middle of summer. Independence Day has always been one of my fa
Daveslist #5: Rogue Waves, Texit, and the Zombie Apocalypse for Rich Folk
By Daveslist • Issue #5
You gotta love a 3-day weekend in the middle of summer. Independence Day has always been one of my favorite holidays; a time for beer and barbecue with friends and family. Plus this year is the 240th anniversary of the original Brexit!  How cool is that?
Let’s get to it so you can get your weekend started!

Happy Burthday, Murica.
Happy Burthday, Murica.
After the Brexit, Texans Ask Why Not a Texit?
Here’s an Independence Day story, sorta. Probably should have seen this coming. At least 300,000 Texans support the move to leave the US and create their own free and independent country of Texas. When reached for comment, the rest of America said, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.”
What If Donald Trump Is Just An Elaborate Prank?
This is the funniest video I saw all week. Those of you who know me know that I’ve considered the “Trump candidacy as hoax” theory a possibility since the crazy train left the station, but I have to hand it to the crew over at Cracked because they really took this particular ball and ran with it. Funny, funny stuff.
Netflix Queues Up Video Downloads
Did you feel that? That was the seismic shift to the entertainment landscape caused by Netflix allowing video downloads for offline viewing, rumored to be enabled by the end of this year. Bet the cable companies are overjoyed.
The Thief Who Stole $50 Million In Ether Can't Spend His Money
If you follow cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether at all, then you know the big story over the past couple weeks has been the hack of DAO, where the hacker made off with $50 million in Ether. It’s an interesting story on a lot of different levels, but what is most interesting to me is the questions it raises. Namely, if you exploit a bug (feature?) that is built into a system and the system sends you a bunch of money because that’s what it’s programmed to do, is that really theft?
The science of why people insist on making idiotic choices
I’m endlessly fascinated (and often dismayed) by the ability of otherwise rational people to cling to their erroneous beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We’ve all been guilty of it, and this article explains why. Hint: we’re not all that rational.
The US is spending trillions less than expected on health care — and uninsured rates are at an all-time low
One of the areas where the cognitive bias mentioned in the previous link seems the most common is in the area of healthcare and insurance, especially as it relates to Obamacare. Well, here are the actual numbers, and they surprised the hell out of me. 
It’s not all rainbows and ponies, however. Insurance companies are raising deductibles and co-pays, so while costs overall are going down many people are spending more when they do access healthcare.
Where rich people learn how to survive the apocalypse
This is so nutty I couldn’t resist. While I’m all for disaster preparedness (surviving Hurricane Katrina will do that to you), the premise behind this “training” is pretty ridiculous. That said, if you have more dollars than sense there are certainly worse ways to spend it. Bring on the zombie apocalypse.
When Good Waves Go Rogue
Few things strike fear into the hearts of mariners more than rogue waves. You can’t predict when and where they might strike, and they almost always leave damage in their wake. Here is the science behind them, and it’s disquieting to learn that they’re even more prevalent than previously believed.
The problem isn’t that life is unfair – it’s your broken idea of fairness
This was the most enjoyable thing I read this week. Not because I agree with everything he has to say (I don’t), but more because it is so well written and he’s largely correct. It reminded me a lot of The 48 Laws of Power for some reason, so it of course appealed to the darker aspects of my personality. If you only click one link this week, make it this one.
This chatbot is responsible for 160k dismissed parking tickets
Chalk one up for the good guys. A 19-year old kid created an AI chatbot that analyzes your parking tickets and figures out how to get you out of them, at no charge. The bot has already saved drivers millions of dollars and has successfully overturned 160,000 individual tickets.
That’s it for this week, guys. Feel free to hit REPLY and let me know what you thought about his week’s links. Have a happy and safe weekend and, as always, if you know someone who would get a kick out of this week’s selections feel free to share it.
See you next week!
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