Big Data is the latest weapon in the hunt for serial killers.

Happy Saturday, y'all! We've had a ton of signups this week, so let me take a minute to extend a hear
Big Data is the latest weapon in the hunt for serial killers.
By Daveslist • Issue #32
Happy Saturday, y'all! We’ve had a ton of signups this week, so let me take a minute to extend a hearty Daveslist welcome to all the new subscribers. I started Daveslist as a way to share links with friends and family, so it’s weird and humbling and super cool to watch it grow organically. 
We’ve got some great stuff this week, starting with the very real threat of social hacking using just your phone number. It’s not widespread yet, but you want to be ahead of the curve on that one.
Let’s get it on…

Hackers Have Stolen Millions Of Dollars In Bitcoin  --  Using Only Phone Numbers
This is the must read of the week. It isn’t so much a story about stolen Bitcoin as it is a cautionary tale about how easy it is for hackers to wreck your life with just your mobile phone number. Reading this, I was reminded of how easily Kevin Roose was hacked with just a cell phone and a YouTube video of a baby crying playing in the background. If you use your smartphone for banking and other sensitive transactions (and who doesn’t these days), please protect yourself.
The Darkest Town In America
One of the things I love most about ocean sailing is just how dark it is at night out there. When you’re alone a couple hundred miles offshore, the night sky is a living thing. Unfortunately, there aren’t many places you can see that here on terra firma. That is, unless you head to Gerlach, NV.
Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm
This one will give you a charge when you’re reading it. Finally someone is applying big data and machine learning to a pure social good. While we’re not quite to the level of Minority Report yet, using tech to hunt down serial killers is straight badass.
Astronomers discover the first white dwarf pulsar in history, ending half a century of searching
It’s worth clicking on this one just to see the graphics. Try to imagine a star the size of the Earth, with the density of the Sun, whose day is two minutes long, and it throws off so much energy that it acts like a lighthouse in space.
Silicon Valley’s technolibertarian dream was invented by Timothy Leary
If you described the tech landscape of 2017 to someone in 1975, it would sound a lot like an acid trip. That’s not an accident. If Timothy Leary is famous at all anymore, he’s famous for his enthusiastic LSD usage. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Leary was one of the first real transhumanists, and it’s good to see him finally getting some credit for it. Leary belongs in the annals of tech visionaries.
Fling shuts down after blowing $21 million, turning into porn site
I don’t know what it is about tech postmortems, but touring the blast craters left by once-promising tech startups is satisfying on a level I can’t really explain.
Take Fling, for example. At one point, Fling’s parent company (Unii Limited) was a viable, if small, alternative to Facebook for students in the UK. Might have worked, might not have, but the point is they had something people wanted and were probably willing to pay for. The company raised a bunch of money and, in the face of impressive user adoption, decided to change gears and introduce something no one asked for or needed. 
The only way I can think to describe Fling’s value proposition would be, “Why harass one person at a time with your unsolicited dick pics when you can just fire them into the internet and see where they land?” From here the story gets predictable: hookers and blow, boardroom brawls, a Subway assault (the sandwich kind, not the public transportation kind), and then there’s nothing left but the crying. 
I’ve seen this movie more times than I can count and I still tune in every. single. time.
Boat #11: 1969 Bill Tripp Custom 60' Ketch
Welcome aboard Libra, the boat I sailed to Cuba in 2015. I wasn’t aware of this video until last week, but it’s extremely well done and gives you a great overview of what life is like aboard a bluewater sailing yacht. And yeah, yours truly is in the video a couple times.
The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding
I find that I have this conversation a lot. I’ve worked both sides of the fence (I was an aircraft mechanic and now I write a fair amount of code) and can say without hesitation that many blue collar jobs require an equal or greater level of technical proficiency than does your run-of-the-mill coding task. This is good news for many of the jobs about to be replaced by automation.
How to Make Great Coffee
If you’re still straining hot water through a paper filter full of Folgers, you’re failing at life. 
‘Spine-tingling’ lost Bob Marley tapes restored after 40 years in a cellar
This qualifies as a bona fide recovered treasure. You don’t even have to be a reggae fan appreciate this story. 
That’s it for this week, y'all. Hit REPLY and let me know what you thought about this week’s links. As always, feel free to share with anyone you think might also enjoy this issue.
Have a fantastic weekend, stay safe, and I’ll see you next Saturday!
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